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Hold to internationalization and "Well-known supporting role" strategy,
to be Stronger, bigger, further, and to become "hundred years' old brand" of optoelectronic industry.

Integrity and Compliance

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Centering on the core concept of "value-added audit", Sunny optical technology (Group) Co., Ltd. has continuously strengthened its governance in Anti-Corruption, constructed defense line from the aspects of corruption case investigation, related party transaction review, anti-corruption training publicity and implementation, and system construction, continuously improved internal control measures, and minimized the economic losses caused by corruption. At the same time, the group adopts a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption cases . The case will be handled when found. The suspected cases will be transferred to the relevant law enforcement and judicial organs for handling. Through the combination of combact and prevention, the group will move forward to the overall goal of "dare not corrupt ", "can not corrupt" and " do not want to corrupt ", and jointly maintain a clean and disciplined business environment.

Real-name whistle-blowing will be given priority to be accepted by the Group. Once the whistle-blowing is accepted, the staff will contact you immediately. We mainly set up the following whistle-blowing channels

Tel                                     86-574-62550607
Email of Audit Committee
Official WeChat                  Integrity Sunny

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