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Focus on the beauty of science and technology

Hold to internationalization and "Well-known supporting role" strategy,
to be Stronger, bigger, further, and to become "hundred years' old brand" of optoelectronic industry.

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Founded in 1984, Sunny Optical Technology (group)co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of integrated optical components and products manufacturer in the world. The Company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2007 (Stock Code: 2382. HK). It is the first domestic optical enterprise listed in Hong Kong. In 2017, it was included in “Hang Seng Index”, and in 2020, it was included in “Hang Seng China Enterprises Index”. The company unswervingly implements the strategy of "Mingpeijiao", always focuses on the field of optical products, and is committed to building a world-renowned optoelectronic enterprise. Over the past 30 years, the Company has grown at a rate of more than 10 times every decade. The Company was included in “Fortune China Top 500 list” for the sixth consecutive years, ranked 259th, In 2020, it was included in “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises List” 2 for the first time.
The Group is principally engaged in the design, R&D, manufacture and sales of optical and optical-related products. Such products include optical components (such as vehicle lens sets, optical parts of vehicle light detection and ranging, virtual reality positioning lens sets, handset lens sets, glass spherical lenses for digital cameras and other optical components), optoelectronic products (such as vehicle modules, VR folded path modules, VR visual modules, handset camera modules and other optoelectronic modules) and optical instruments (such as intelligent inspection equipment and microscopes).

With national enterprise technology center and postdoctoral workstation, the company is the   leading optical enterprise that applies optical, mechanical, electronic and computing technologies to product development and large-scale production in the world. The research and application of core optoelectronic technologies are at the advanced level in the industry,
Such as special coating technology, free-form technology, continuous optical zoom technology, ultraprecise mold technology, chalcogenide glass material development and application technology, embedded software technology, 3D scanning imaging technology, 3D ultraprecise vibration measurement technology and new packaging technology.
The Company adheres to the principle of "customer-centered", always puts the interests of customers in the first place, responds to customers' needs quickly, and has established a stable, close and long-term strategic cooperative relationship with global famous customers in relevant business sectors. Among them, the market share of vehicle lens sets ranks No. 1 in the world for many years 3, the market share of handset lens sets also ranks No.1 in the world, and handset camera modules ranks Top 2 in the world.4
"Create Together" gathers the wisdom and strength of all people, and the distribution concept of "money scattered and people gathered" condenses a large number of excellent talents for the development of the company. The vision of “Be stronger, bigger and go further to become a ‘Hundred-Year-Old Brand’ in the optoelectronic industry” drives the Company to further refine superior business and develop sustainable emerging strategic opportunities. At the celebration of its 30th anniversary, the Company put forward the grand goal of 1 trillion sales, and determined the strategic direction of "two transformations”: 1. transformation from an optical product manufacturer to a smart optical system solution provider, 2. transformation from an instrument product manufacturer to a system solution integrator. Under the guidance of 1 trillion target, the Company vigorously builds a new industrial base, comprehensively deepens the international layout, and constantly promotes the functional platform construction and business digital transformation. The implementation of these strategic measures will support the Company's continuous high-quality development and continuous creation of excellence.
1“Fortune China Top 500 list” is a list of Chinese enterprises published by Fortune China
2 “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises List” is selected and released by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association 
3 Data from Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd. report 2020
4 Data from Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd. report 2020

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