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Sunny Optical Technology Ranked on 2023 Zhejiang Private Enterprises Social Responsibility 100 Leading Enterprises

    The 100 leading private enterprise social responsibility companies in Zhejiang Province, based on the data of the special research on private enterprise social responsibility led by the China Federation of Industry and Commerce(CFIC).From the amount of tax payment, employment, participation in charity and public welfare and other 9 aspects of quantitative indicators, the national dimension, shareholder dimension, employee dimension, ecological environment dimension, the dimension of responsible governance and other 8 aspects of a total of 45 qualitative indicators for the evaluation of the initial selection, the evaluation team to give the evaluation opinion, and ultimately produce the 2023 annual Zhejiang private enterprise social responsibility 100 leading enterprises. Sunny Optical Technology has been honored on the listit is a recognition of our contributions and efforts in social responsibility. 

    While the Group is committed to becoming bigger and stronger, it has not forgotten its original intention to give back to the society and actively contribute to the national dual-carbon strategy. Being at the forefront of tax payment in accordance with the law, green environmental protection, safe production, charity and public welfare, etc., so as to fulfill its social responsibility with practical actions, set up an example, and demonstrate its value. 

    In the future, we will continue to care about social welfare and green sustainable development with higher standards and requirements, practicing ESG concepts and contributing more to the sustainable development of the country.

22 March 2024


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