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Employee Management

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The Group encourages and advocates equal opportunities and diversity, opposes to compulsory work and commits that:
1. The Group's zero tolerance for discrimination, treats each employee equally and does not treat employees unfairly in employment, remuneration or promotion on the basis of their social identities such as ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, political faction and marriage;
2. The Group advocates equal communications, respects employees’ personality, listens to their comments and adopts their reasonable suggestions;
3. All employees are equal in personality in spite of different positions;
4. The Group forbids the forcing of employees to work in a certain post and to compel employees to work, and the Group forbids all forms of compulsory work; and
5. The Group forbids the taking of punitive measures, management means and behaviours in the forms of abuse, corporal punishment, violence, spiritual oppression, sexual harassment (including improper language, posture and body contact) or sexual abuse for any reason.
6. Not to use of child or juvenile labors; 
7. Respecting the rights of employees to freely joining groups and the trade unions, collective negotiation and peaceful assembly
8. Ensuring a smooth process for reporting incidents of discrimination and harassment.
9. Discrimination and sexual harassment are dealt with seriously.
10. Providing all employees with discrimination, harassment training and ensure that they are aware of relevant company policies.

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