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Social Responsibilities

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Sunny thinks, to promote the sustainable development of environment is the enterprise can not shirk its responsibility. As the social responsibility of the enterprise, sunny in production and operation activities, give full consideration to the environmental protection requirement, follow all kinds of international environmental policy, laws and regulations, and to achieve environmental protection and sustainable development through technological innovation, manufacturing and other methods to reform.

In order to reduce the environmental risk, establishment of an environmental management system according to ISO14001 standard, and has obtained ISO14001 certification.  



The company's environmental policy:

1、To strengthen pollution source management, take effective measures to prevent, reduce and avoid the influence of wastewater, waste gas, noise and fixed waste on the environment.
2、Continuous improvement process, strict process control, improve the qualified rate of products, as far as possible to save resources and energy.
3、The effort to seek alternatives to toxic and harmful substances, so that our products can meet the laws and regulations and the requirements of the importing country customer. In the company's material, must have the green product warranty, detection and have qualified our recognition of the third party testing institutions report.
4、Encourage employees to improve the environmental awareness, knowledge and skills of environmental protection.



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"ISO1401 Certificate" "The company sets up a waste water treatment plant to treat all kinds of waste water" "Ultrasonic cleaning is used to replace ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone cleansing which has the pollution of the environment "


Company's quality policy:

Thinking before action, pursuing excellence
Insist on “Thinking before action "as code of our conduct, fully consider the interests of both company and customers.
"Pursuing excellence" is to strengthen the management of the production process, strive to continuous improvement in providing high quality products to meet customer demand and legal requirements.

"Flow chart of quality management system of Sunny "
Corporation Occupational Safety and Health guidelines:

No disasters, no incidents as targets of operation to ensure the security of staff and the region.
Ensure the safety of the raw materials, intermediates and products and prevent damage to human health during the manufacturing, distribution and use. 
Strengthen occupational safety and health knowledge training to all staff, constantly eliminate dangerous sources, and improve safety management level. Make efforts to achieve "zero" disaster during production process. 



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