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Social Responsibilities

 >About Sunny>Social Responsibilities

Sunny believe, enterprise is the cell of society, while the growth due to feeding the social matrix, but also assume the return of social responsibility.

Over the years, sunny adhere to the business, integrity of tax according to law, efforts to contribute to the economic development area. Sunny also focus on employee development, investment in employee training, safeguard the interests of employees. At the same time, sunny actively support education, charity, environmental protection and other public welfare undertakings, support the city community construction and new rural construction and other social and public utilities.

  • Donate 
    Ten years has donated millions of dollars to support teaching education, the establishment of Yuyao high school “ sunny scholarship to ”,  sunny scholarship fund; and the Zhejiang University “ sunny scholarship ”, and signed a long-term financing of Zhejiang province Collegiate Programming Contest agreement with the Education Department of Zhejiang province.
  • To support the community construction 
    In order to support the economic development of rural areas, sunny and Yang Ming Jie Dao Beijiao Cun Yuyao Cun enterprises established in pairs to build new rural relations, and actively help the village set up things, planning and development, the preparation of development plans, to explore the village enterprises long-term mechanism of twinning. And access to the “ the 2006 annual Yuyao city village high end &rdquo the title of outstanding enterprises.
  • Social welfare 
    At the same time, the company also for all staff with practical action to return society, will organize staff to carry out all kinds of activities each year, the staff has been actively involved in it.

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