About Sunny

Focus on the beauty of science and technology

Hold to internationalization and "Well-known supporting role" strategy,
to be Stronger, bigger, further, and to become "hundred years' old brand" of optoelectronic industry.

Cultural Philosophy

 > About Sunny> Cultural Philosophy

  • 1.Strategy goal:

    Implement the strategy of supporting role to be the world's leading integrated optical products manufacturing enterprises.
  • 2.Core values: create with common efforts.

    The main contents of "create with common efforts" are:
    ——with all the shareholders create with common efforts a solid foundation of Sunny;
    ——with all the staff create with common efforts outstanding brand of Sunny;
    ——with partners to create market for optoelectronic products;
    ——With competitors in the industry create with common efforts space for the development of industries;
    ——With the community in society to create a civilized and progressive society.
  • 3."create with common efforts" as the concept of core system :

    1.people-oriented(people-oriented is the starting point and end-result of "create with common efforts")
    2.Honesty(Honesty is the moral basis of "create with common efforts")
    3.working diligently(hardworking is principal of success of "create with common efforts")
    4.innovative spirit(the spirit of innovation is the soul of "create with common efforts")
    5.Strengthen the implementation( strengthen the implementation is the assurance remarkable outcome of "create with common efforts")
    6.Elimination of excuses(to eliminate excuses is a highly responsible participation is codes of conduct of "create with common efforts")
    7.team spirit(team spirit is the source of strength of "create with common efforts")
    8.rapid response(quick response is a proper style of "create with common efforts" )

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