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Digital microscope interactive laboratory-Web edition

发布时间:Sep 25, 2014

The system combined traditional microscopy education with modern network technology and multi-media technique. With high-quality “SUNNY” microscopes, server and computers, an interactive multi-media audio bilateral network system was founded. It shows several clear pictures at the same time and has a lot of methods to realize interaction, which actually make the communication of teaching and learning more effective.
There is a computer on the terminal of the teacher and each student. Thus, each terminal becomes an independent workstation of digital microscope images. And every unit was connected via LAN. With a master computer and original designed software, the teacher can view, capture and enlarge several images from the students’ at the same time. In this way, the images and data are shared. The system provides various modes of voice communication, the function of image bilateral addition and other functions, which makes the communication more convenient and the details more clear.
The teacher can send his/her own image to students as a demonstration, and also can transmit any student’s picture to another’s computer or all computers. Networked teaching of microscope images, improved the visual efficiency of experimental teaching and students’ interest. The teacher’s and students’ interface style of the software are the same. So learning the operation is easy.


Build-in student’s high resolution integrated digital microscope.

Teacher’s high resolution digital microscope.

Independent image processing unit—computer on student’s and teacher’s terminal

Each unit connected via LAN to form a system, makes bilateral interactive teaching become reality.

Advanced network technology, stable and efficient.

Clear wiring and easy operation of assembling and fixing.


On the teacher’s terminal:

Can control any student’s computer and image capture.

Can send image of own microscope to all student at real time.

Can transmit voice and picture of a student to a certain student or all students.

Can start student’s digital camera and software.

Can shut or restart student’s computer.

Can view all students’ screens in one picture at real time.

Can control student’s computer.

Can control student’s mouse and keyboard, and make the screen black.

On the student’s terminal:

Independent image processing software.

Can take over control of the teacher’s computer.

Can view the teacher’s or a certain student’s image.

Can communicate with the teacher with short messages.

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