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Digital microscope interactive laboratory-Unicast edition

发布时间:Sep 25, 2014

The system combined traditional microscopy education with modern network unicast technique and multi-media audio technique. Take the advantages of standard edition and web edition, the edition solve the problems of that the students could not view the teacher’s or other student’s images in the standard edition, and network congestion, maintaining difficulties of student’s computers in web edition. The system was founded by our high-quality “SUNNY” digital microscopes, multi-media audio server, high-speed image acquisition system and a computer network. Modular design, improved the flexibility and the expansibility of the system. Clear video and audio effects and kinds of interaction means, realize interaction of the teacher and students, removed communication barriers on microscope images, made the communication visual and effective. The system need only one computer, the teacher can view all students’ images in one picture at real time and discover problems and direct students. Students can check self’s, the teacher’s or a certain student’s image on the AV intelligent terminal. They can also communicate with the teacher or other students via audio system. With the electric cursor control system on the student’s terminal, students can interact with the teacher, which makes teaching and learning more visual and effective.


Original designed DMXS、DMXY series high-quality digital microscopes

Intelligent video terminal instead of computer on the student’s terminal, which make the operation and maintenance of the system more convenient.

High-speed video on demand server, data synchronous transmission without choke.

The system adopts multi-website direct transmission, more stable and reliable.

Original designed bilateral electric cursor control system, makes interaction more visual and effective.


The teacher can broadcast the interface to all the students.

The teacher can unicast any student’s image video to all the students.

The teacher can unicast any student’s image video to self or a certain student.

The student can unicast any student’s image or the teacher’s to own terminal.

The student can take over control of the teacher’s computer.

The teacher can do comparing teaching with any students’ image combination.

Function characters:

Electronic whiteboard and real-time kinematic courseware manufacture.

Multi-media microscope courseware.

Electronic map.

Colorful cursor teaching.

Full screen and multi-images video function.

Auto/handle photograph.

1-64 pictures on one screen dynamically(1-256 microscopes or more).

Bilateral audio interactive system between the teacher and students.

Dynamic measurement function.

Local region scanning function.

Professional image processing and measuring functions.

Power net interconnection, resource sharing among classrooms, campus and the Internet.

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