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XD Series Industrial Biological Microscope

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Color corrected infinity optical system. Long working distance objectives, great image Ergonomics physical design, various accessories for option ---Specially design for observation of cell structure.

Wide-field plan eyepiece
Newdesigned high eye-point wide-field plan eyepiece PL10X/22,has a full bright diagram without chromatic circle.International popular 22mm field of view is convenient fortarget seeking and counting.

Attachable mechanical stage
Moving range: 120x78mm.It can clamp types of standardcell culture plates.With the help of related accessories,itcould be used to move the dish,flask,slide and so on.

Transmission system
6V30W halogen bulb,critical ilumination or Koehler ilumination could be chosen. In critical ilumination mode,the frame fixed,the filament centre scheduled.With aperture diaphragm,the condensercould be turned away.In Koehler llumination mode,the frame rotatable,the filament centre adjustable.With fielddiaphragm and aperture diaphragm,the condensercan be removed.

Phase contrast accessories
Select a matching phase contrast slide on the basis of the chosen illuminator. With the phase contrast objectives,phasecontrast observation can be realized.Thus youcan acquire a better it is betterimage contrast than the bright field. The cell image is with a strong sense ofrelief.You can use it to do a moredetailedobservation on those component parts ofcolorless transparent cells.


Optical system

Color corrected infinity optical system


Gemel binocular head, 450 inclined, interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75mm, one eyepiece tube with ±5 diopter adjustment

Gemel trinocular head, 450 inclined, light splitting ratio: binocular 100%; binocular 80%/trinocular 20%


PL10X22mm high eye-point plan eyepiece

PL15X16mm high eye-point plan eyepiece


Infinity long working distance plan achromatic objective:LWDPL4X/0.1/WD22     LWDPL10X/0.25WD7.94  LWDPL20X/0.40WD7.66? LWDPL40X/0.60/WD3.71      LWDPL60X/0.70/WD2.50

Infinity long working distance plan phrase contrast objective:
LWDPL10X/0.25WD7.94    LWDPL20X/0.40WD7.66   LWDPL40X/0.60/WD3.71


Reversed quintuple nosepiece

Focus system

Coaxial focus system, working distance of every circle: 38mm/coarse focus, 0.2mm/ fine focus,, minimal read 0.002mm/


160x250mm platform, glass stage/ metal stage, extension plate

Attachable mechanical stage

Low position coaxial mechanical stage, move range 120x78mm

Specimen holder

Holder for specimen glass (also for φ54mm Tissue culture vessel).Terasaki holder(also for φ65mm Tissue culture vessel).
Holder for φ35mm Tissue culture vessel


Critical illumination, 90-240V wide voltage, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center presetting, brightness adjustable.  N.A.0.3 condenser, W.D.72mm, dismountable.

Kohler illumination, 90-240V wide voltage, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center and focus adjustable, brightness adjustable.   N.A.0.3 condenser, W.D.72mm, dismountable. N.A.0.5 condenser for option, dismountable

Phase contrast slider

Phase center adjustable slider for XDCD0.3 condenser, with adjusting tools

Phase center presetting slider for XDCD0.3 condenser
Phase center adjustable slider for XDACD0.3 condenser
Phase center adjustable slider for XDACD0.5 condenser


¢45mm contrast green filter, color temperature change filter, infrared eliminate filter, rubidium glass filter

Photo attachment

Photo tube(with PK adaptor), 3.2X lens

Video attachment

0.5X/0.67X C mount adaptor

Other optional functions

Professional fluorescence (use special fluorescence objective, illuminator and accessory)

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