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Based on the photovoltaic industry, with optical, mechanical, electronic based on the combination of the three core technologies

MX12R Semiconductor FPD Inspection Microscope

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Equipped with varisized wafer holders (including 4/6/8/12 inches), MX12R is professionally applied for wafer and flat panel display detection, maximally supports for dia. 300mm of wafer and 17 inches of FPD. More comfortable, flexible and quicker operation is available with upgraded ergonomics design.

Tilting viewing head
0~35 degree tilting viewing head for adjusting the height of eye point, provides the best viewing angle to different users, relieving the fatigue from long-time operation and significantly improving the work efficiency.

Convenient and stable stage
Stage Clutch driven system, button up for quick movement and press down to cancel, is available to allay fatigue from long-time operation. Stage with linear guide rail, is realizable to be lightly and smoothly moved.



Safe and high speed electric nosepiece
With forward and backward two buttons for switch, is quick to convert magnification and accurate to repeat orientation.Mechanical switch mode, effectively prolongs the service life of nosepiece.

Front operating buttons
MX12R adopts electric control for nosepiece and aperture diaphragm, with control buttons in front, is easy and convenient for operation, improve the working efficiency.


Shockproof frame
With six leveling feet, MX12R metal frame is low-centered and highsteady, anti-knock to ensure image stabilization.

realizes an automatic future
Supporting for bright field, dark field, polarizing and DIC, MX12R is widely applied for inspections of semiconductor, FPD, circuit package, PCB, materials, casting metal ceramic part, abrasive tools and so on.



Optical System

Infinity color corrected optical system


Bright filed / Dark field / Polarizing / DIC

Viewing Head

Tilting trinocular head (Erect image), 0-35 degree adjustable, interpupillary distance: 50-76mm, splitting ratio: 100:0 or 0:100 Eyepiece


High eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/25mm, with adjustable diopter; reticle attachable


BD semi-APO DIC objective 5X/10X/20X/50X/100X

Long working distance BD semi-APO DIC objective 20X
Long working distance BD semi-APO objective 50X/100X


Electronic BD sextuple nosepiece with DIC slot


Reflected frame with low position coaxial focus mechanism, coarse range: 35mm, fine precision: 0.001mm. With upper limit  and tension adjustment. Built-in 100-240V wide voltage system

Transmitted & Reflected frame with low position coaxial focus mechanism, coarse range: 35mm, fine precision: 0.001mm. With upper limit and tension adjustment. Built-in 100-240V wide voltage system


14 X 12 inches three-layer mechanical stage with low position coaxial adjustment, size: 718mm X 420mm, moving range:356mm X 305mm; with clutch handle for quick movement; glass plate for reflected use.

495mm X 641mm electronic stage, moving range: 306mm X 306mm; (3+L/50) μm repeated positioning accuracy


BD reflected illuminator, with electronic variable aperture and field diaphragm, center adjustable; with switch for changing bright and dark field; with slots for filters and polarizing kit

Camera Adapter

0.5X / 0.65X 1X C-mount adapte


Polarizing kit; interference filters; high precision micrometer; DIC attachment

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