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EX21 Series Biological Microscope

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SOPTOP EX21 is a high quality biological microscope, which is an ideal choice for basic research and teaching experiments. With infinity color correction optical system and excellent compound eye illumination system, EX21 can get uniform illumination, clear and bright images at any magnification. User-friendly design, simple and convenient operation, even students can easily master. Similarly, same as all SOPTOP microscopes, EX21 maintains excellent reliability and durability, and is suitable for high-intensity use in the education market.

Large interpupillary distance adjustment range brings professional observation experience
30° inclined, gemel viewing head, interpupillary distance 47mm-75mm, which can meet the needs of more people. Professional high eye point, wide field plan eyepiece can effectively correct the distortion and color ring of the field of view edge. Strong structural design can effectively prevent students from disassembling eyepieces and avoid the phenomenon of lens refitting, damage and stain after students use them.

Compound Eye Illumination System, Lighting Ideal Light Path
EX21 innovatively adopts the compound eye illumination system to improve the contrast rate and effectivelyimprove the illumination uniformity of the specimen surface. The brightness of the entire field of view is uniform.Even at the edge of the field of view, uniform and bright background brightness can be achieved under anymagnification. Soft light, not harsh, not only the imaging effect is more ideal, but also can reduce the sense offatigue, improve the observation experience.
LED light source is environment-friendly. Compared with halogen lamps, it consumes less energy and provides about 100,000 hours of sustainable lighting.


Continuous Adjustable Light Intensity, Easy to Operate
he side of the frame is equipped with a dimming knob, which can easily adjust the illumination brightness by gently rotating.
Continuous adjustable light intensity can effectively overcome the brightness jump phenomenon in traditional microscopes, and avoid the dizziness caused by instantaneous strong light.

Power Wire Easy to Store
EX21 has a storage box on the back, which makes full use of the built-in space of the body and can be used to store the power cord conveniently. SOPTOP is designed to make your desktop look clean and tidy.


Various optional accessories, easy to achieve observation methods of bright field, phase contrast, simple polarization, dark field and others.


Optical System

Infinity color corrected optical system

View Head

30° inclined, gemel binocular head, interpupillary distance 47mm-75mm

30° inclined, gemel trinocular head, interpupillary distance 47mm-75mm, light splitting ratio R:T=8:2


high eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL 10X/18mm, with adjustable diopter

high eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL 10X/20mm, with adjustable diopter


Infinity plan achromatic objective (4X、10X、20X、40X、60X、100X)

Infinity plan positive phase contrast objective (10X、20X、40X、100X)


reversed quadruple / quintuple nosepiece

Focusing Mechanism

low position coaxial focusing mechanism, coarse range: 25mm, fine precision: 0.002mm, with tension adjustment and upper limit


150mm X 140mm double-layer composite mechanical moving stage, double slice clamps, moving range: 76mm x 50mm; accuracy: 0.1mm (triangular guide rail)

150mm X 162mm double-layer composite mechanical moving stage, double slice clamps, moving range: 76mm x 50mm; accuracy: 0.1mm (X-axis single rail driving) without rack protruding structure, stage surface with wear resistant and corrosion resistant treatment


N.A.1.25 compound eye illumination condenser group (with plug-in phase contrast and dark field accessories' interface), condenser preset center, optional lifting function, adaptive 100V-240V switching power supply, single high brightness 3W LED (cold/warm color optional, cold color temperature 4750K-5500K, warm color temperature 2850K-3250K) (preset center), light intensity can be continuously adjusted

Camera Adapter

0.35X/0.5X/0.65X/1X C-mount adapter, focusing adjustable


polarizers, analyzers, colour filters, filters, phase contrast panels, dark field panels

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